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ElectricL posted about 1 month ago
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standing in-front a waterfall, starlit night sky, greenery all around, full body photo of a young (voluptuous:1.1) (ghostly:1.1) (glow:1.1) lebanese woman with flowing long (messy:1.1) golden (blonde:1.2) hair that (cover:1.3) her larger breasts, eyes covered by hair, (volumetric:1.1) (chiaroscuro:1.2) (backlit:1.1) (sunlight:1.2) , analog color film photograph, 50mm F1. 2L lens (shallow:1.2) depth of field, emotions, sensual pose, high dynamic range, HDR, low key, (subsurfacescattering:1.2) , (moody:0.9) shadows and (complex:1.1) lighting. (Green:0.8) radiant eyes, RAW photography. <lora:OpenJourney-LORA> <lora:epiC35mm>
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