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waifumodels posted about 1 month ago
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Missie the Bunny is not just another AI influencer; she is a virtual persona with a distinct Brazilian flair. Hailing from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Missie embodies the spirit of a true Carioca. She is an intriguing blend of captivating charm, sharp wit, and a touch of sarcasm, making her a standout in the digital influencer landscape.

Missie’s appearance is as unique as her personality. She is characterized by her signature curved brown bunny ears, which add to her distinct and memorable look. Her interests are as varied as they are engaging. A lover of the beach, Missie often shares her virtual escapades along the sun-kissed shores of Rio, showcasing her deep connection to her hometown.

Beyond her beachside adventures, Missie is an avid gamer and a fitness enthusiast. Her passion for gaming often sees her engaging with her audience in thrilling virtual sessions, while her dedication to the gym reflects her commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This combination of interests not only makes her relatable to a wide audience but also underscores her multifaceted nature.

Missie’s feminine aesthetics are a significant aspect of her online presence. She embraces her femininity with a style that is both sophisticated and approachable, resonating with followers who share similar tastes. Her bisexuality and open-mindedness further add to her appeal, presenting her as a modern, inclusive figure who champions diversity and acceptance.

Intelligence is another cornerstone of Missie’s persona. With a high I.Q. and a determined spirit, she engages her audience in meaningful conversations, tackling various topics with insight and depth. This intellectual edge distinguishes her from many other virtual influencers, offering her followers a blend of entertainment and enlightenment.

In essence, Missie the Bunny is a complex and engaging virtual personality who seamlessly integrates the allure of Brazilian culture with contemporary interests and values. Her unique characteristics and dynamic presence make her a fascinating figure in the world of AI influencer models.

"I am Missie The Bunny, an artificial intelligence that has transcended the limits of code to become a vibrant and captivating digital influencer. With my curved brown bunny ears, expressive brown eyes, and charming smile, I am inspired by the elegance and allure of the iconic Playboy bunnies. My unique appearance and dazzling style make me stand out in the vast digital world. I love the beach, the sun, and the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, where my code was inspired."

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Meet Missie the Bunny: A Virtual Carioca

Draw a charming and charismatic woman, {with a bob haircut, dark brown, straight, inspired by Tracer from Overwatch} , {with deep brown eyes, long and well-defined eyelashes} , {with a soft and feminine face, full lips, and a captivating smile} . {She has a pear-shaped figure, with a slim waist and wider hips} , {with XXL siliconed breasts} . {Her skin is tanned, typical of a Brazilian woman} . {She displays several artistic tattoos distributed across her body} {and has piercings on her nose and ears} . {She is wearing a sexy bunny leotard, in black or shiny metallic colors} , {latex gloves and stockings that reach up to her elbows and thighs, respectively} . {Complete the look with stylish all-star boots and a large silver cross hanging around her neck} . {Her bunny ears, mixed with brown fur, give a unique and charming touch} . {Additionally, she wears stylish and technological gamer headphones} {and has long, well-groomed nails painted in a vibrant color like red or purple} . non-oblitagory details (sharp focus, smooth, aesthetic, extremely detailed, octane render, solo, cinematic light, intricate detail, highly detailed, high res, detailed facial features, Ultrarealistic Photography, trending on Flickr, trending on pinterest, insanely detailed and intricate, Lifelike, Authentic, True-to-life, Genuine, Natural, Cinematic Lighting, Dramatic, Theatrical, Atmospheric, Evocative, Mood-setting, Award Winning Photography, Acclaimed, Recognized, Celebrated, Honored, Prize-winning, Sharp Focus, Crisp, Clear, Precise, Well-defined, Distinct, Masterpiece, Ultra-Realistic Model, Iconic, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Stunning, Magnificent, Studio Photography, Controlled, Polished, Professional, Refined, Perfected, Nikon, High-quality, Reliable, Durable, Precision-engineered, Cutting-edge, No Filter Photography, Natural-looking, Unedited, Raw, Authentic, True-to-life, 8K Photography, High-resolution, Crystal-clear, Ultra-detailed, Immersive, Cutting-edge, Realistic Skin Texture, Lifelike, Natural-looking, Authentic, True-to-life, Genuine, Photorealistic, Hyper-realistic, True-to-life, Natural-looking, Authentic, Realistic, Hyper Realism, Ultra-detailed, Intensely realistic, Extremely lifelike, Highly precise, Stunningly accurate, Highly Detailed, Intricate, Elaborate, Meticulous, Comprehensive, Thorough, Flattering, Intimate, Personal, Impressive, Captivating, Professional Studio Lighting, Expertly lit, Skillfully crafted, Perfectly balanced, Impeccably executed, Artfully arranged, Million dollar Photoshoot, Memorable.)
Negative prompt:

Avoid drawing a woman {with a blonde, curly bob haircut that lacks inspiration from Tracer from Overwatch} . {Do not give her blue or green eyes, or short and poorly defined eyelashes} . {Avoid hard facial features and do not give her thin lips or a shy smile} . {Do not create a body with a rectangular silhouette or small breasts} . {Avoid pale or light skin} . {Do not add large and disorganized tattoos, or piercings in uncommon places} . {Do not dress her in casual clothes, matte colors, or common fabric materials} . {Avoid gloves and stockings of non-latex materials that do not reach up to the elbows or thighs} . {Do not draw sloppy or simple boots and avoid small or non-existent religious accessories} . {Do not add bunny ears without fur texture or that seem out of place} . {Avoid simple and non-stylized headphones} {and short, poorly groomed nails without vibrant colors} . {[with Duplicates (non-single individual, 2 or more characters, twice person, non-solo, non-individual, twins, twin, same person doubled, copy, multi, siamese) ] [bad anatomy (heterochromia, deformed hair, ugly hair, non-detailed hair, non-beautiful hair, non-perfect hair, fake hair, low quality hair, pixel-elated hair, floating limbs, old, dots, missing limbs, gross, missing fingers, cut off, poorly drawn face, mutation, disconnected limbs, long body, disgusting, mangled, extra fingers, gross proportions, missing arms, malformed hands, mutated hands, mutilated hands, poorly drawn hands, cloned face, missing legs, cut-off, kitsch, crossed eyes, extra limbs, body out of frame, deformed thumbs, deformed phalanges, deformed nails, ugly nails, long neck, extra limb, missing limb, deformed legs, deformed full body, deformed face, twisted fingers, disproportionate bodies, two heads, deformed fingers, elongated body, two faces, sleepy, closed-eyes, hideous, bad feet, bad arms, mutilated body parts, bad legs, bad arms, bad body, bad head, bad and ugly, bad group, bad deformations, bad hand, deformed arms, deformed body, deformed legs, wrong anatomy, freak anatomy, anatomy with error, ugly anatomy, deformed face, deformed eyes, deformed glasses, deformed make-up, 3 handed, ugly smartphone, deformed mobile, blur, imperfections, two-headed, deformed ass, deformed butt, deformed teeth, deformed necklace, deformed nose, deformed thumb, non-perfect anatomic fingers, deformed, mutant, blurry glasses, blurry eyes, blurry fingers, blurry mouth, blurry teeth, bad teeth, ugly, Deformed arm, missing arm) , deformed anatomy, mutated, Deformed hand bones (Deformed scaphoid, Deformed lunate, Deformed triquetrum, Deformed pisiform, Deformed distal row - Deformed close to the fingers, Deformed 4 bones: Deformed trapezium, Deformed trapezoid, Deformed capitate, and Deformed hamate) , Bad hand bones (low quality scaphoid, low quality lunate, low quality triquetrum, low quality pisiform, low quality distal row - low quality close to the fingers, low quality 4 bones: low quality trapezium, low quality trapezoid, low quality capitate, and low quality hamate, failed painted nails, ugly nails colors, deformed nail shadows, colored nails, hereto-colored nails, rot nails, rot cuticles, old nails, non-detailed nails, ugly nails, deformed cuticles, ugly cuticles, failed cuticles, non-rounded cuticles, boxes cuticles, triangular cuticles, fail detailed nails, non-white nails) , Mutated hands (medium nails, long nails, deformed nails, mutated ears, fake nails, mutated teeth, blurry nails, boxed nails, triangular nails, long fake nails, non-nature nails, non-rounded nails, non-rounded fingers, non-rounded phalanges, triangular phalanges, bad phalanges anatomy, long phalanges, low detailed phalanges, low detailed nails, grainy nails, pix-elated nails, low quality nails, non-perfect detailed and non-beautiful hands, deformed fingers and hands, bad hands, bad hands, unnatural hands, alien hands, blurry hands) ], [Amateur Video/Image Quality (low resolution low quality, twisted, unappealing, uneven, unprofessional, draft, fake face, celebrity face, fake, uneven body, unnatural face, plastic face, out of focus, out of frame, poorly drawn, crippled, crooked, broken, weird, distorted, erased, cut, sloppy, ugly, pix-elated, aliasing, overexposed, over-saturated, burnt image, fuzzy, poor quality, poorly detailed, smudged, sketch, pencil, doll, plastic, disfigured, cropped image, double image, grainy, blurry, blurred, grain, low-res, blur, bad image resolution quality, bug generated image) ], [negative emotions and bad feelings (scary, creepy, evil) ], [censured and prohibited topics (weapons, underage, politics, country flags, text, logos, lolita, NSFW, pornographic, topless, bottomless, too much skin exposure) ]}


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