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Otoforever posted about 1 month ago
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(masterpiece, best quality, highres:1.2) , (photorealistic:1.2) , (film grain:1.3) , (morbid light:1.2) , (dynamic angle) , raw photo, (Succubus girl) , young, cute, pale skin, long green hair, in high detailed and intricated leather tight miniskirt, very large demon red wings, symmetrical wings, half demon, crimson iris, little horns, (ultra-detailed body) , (light smile:0.8) , moonlight passing through hair, (night beautiful background:1.3) , (sharp) , exposure blend, bokeh, dim light, (hdr:1.4) , high contrast, (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:1.3) , low saturation, morbid, black stocking, smile, at dawn, a valley in the background, with morning dews
Negative prompt:

cartoon, painting, illustration, (grayscale:1.4) , normal quality bad-hands-5


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