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LuisGraph1c posted about 2 months ago
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Margot Robbie (Masterpiece, 4k resolution, ultra-realistic, very detailed) , (White superhero theme, charismatic, there's a girl at the top of town, wearing Spider-Man costume, she's a superhero) , [ (25 years) , (long white hair:1.2) , full body, (blue eyes:1.2) , ((Spider-Man pose) , show of strength, jumping from one building to another), ((sandy urban environment) :0. 8)| (cityscape, at night, dynamic lights) , (full moon) )] # Explanation: The Prompt mainly describes a 4K painting of ultra-high definition, very realistic, very detailed. It shows a superheroine at the top of the city, wearing a Spider-Man costume. The theme in the painting is a white superhero theme, the female protagonist has long white hair, is 25 years old and her entire body is shown in the painting. In terms of portraying the actions of superheroines, spiders are employed

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