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Brooklynne posted 7 months ago
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An image of a tasteful and artistic depiction of a perfectly sculpted blonde woman in a ((nude) ) pose. She's bathed in subtle, soft sunlight filtered through delicate lace curtains, creating a play of light and shadow on her flawless skin. Her hair cascades down her back, golden strands catching the light. The background is a vintage rose-patterned wallpaper in neutral tones for a touch of old-world elegance. Depth of field should be shallow to put the focus solely on the model while gently blurring the background. The image should have a warm tone and generous exposure to accentuate the natural light. Image is captured via a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a 50 mm prime lens, with an aperture of f/1. 2. Professional editing to enhance the sharpness, reduce noise, and adjust the color temperature to warmer hues, long blonde hair, (cleavage) , high detail, film, professional, highly detailed, realistic, photorealistic, RAW photo, canon 5d, perfect shadows, natural color, realistic, photorealistic, relaxed, detailed skin, textured skin, intricate details, natural pose, natural eyes, natural pose, perfect fingernails, <lora:perfect hands 2:1>
Negative prompt:

small breasts, saggy breasts, short hair, pubic hair, (disfigured) , cartoon, painting, doll, black and white, broken, mutated, fiction, wax sculpture, caricature, frame, creepy, (weird hands) , (broken fingers) , (extra fingers) , (missing fingers) , (mutated hands) , watermark, text, (bad hands, unnatural hands, disfigured hands, bad fingernails)


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