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Liliane posted 2 months ago
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((medium chest, small head) ), daylight, sunlight, (perfect body: 1.1) , (young) , (short wavy hair: 1.2) , collar, full-body photograph, crowded street, ((wearing a see-through pink pants) . tight wet crop camisole top)), ((latex panties) ), (extremely detailed CG 8k wallpaper) , (an extremely delicate and beautiful) , (masterpiece) , (best quality: 1.0 ) , (Ultra High Resolution: 1.0) , Beautiful Lighting, Rigid Nipple, Camel Toe, Perfect Flash, Pulling Skirt, Realistic Shadows, [High Resolution] , Detailed Skin, Ultra Detailed, Spread Thighs, One Leg Up, Sitting, Black Thigh High Stockings, no shoes, thighs, ((( black) )), topless, cutie mark, angle from above, barefoot, no shoes

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