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masterprompter posted 6 months ago
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medium close-up, young adult female, bright demeanor, long blonde waves, denim jacket, tailored fit, light grey V-neck shirt, pale pink jeans, statement necklace, matching earrings, impeccable makeup, emphasized eyes, natural lip color, radiant smile, warm personality, urban chic background, skin glow, subtle skin texture, casual stylish attire, sharp denim details, bright flattering lighting, professional photoshoot, harmonious color grading, softer makeup, subtle eyebrows, subtle eyeshadow, realistic eyes, natural eye symmetry, natural hair lighting, soft hair texture, correct ear placement, natural ear shape, complete necklace chain, realistic jewelry, three-dimensional clothing texture, natural clothing folds, natural mouth size, proportional teeth, realistic skin tone, natural complexion, balanced facial proportions, appropriate head size, full face visible, normal tooth appearance, even lighting, soft contrast, high dynamic range, lifelike skin texture, subtle skin tones, realistic hair texture, soft facial features, balanced exposure, upbeat demeanor, blonde waves, light grey V-neck, pink jeans, statement jewelry, warm smile, skin texture, denim texture, professional lighting, soft shadows, color depth, fitted denim jacket, genuine smile, casual elegance, photoshoot lighting, bright flattering light, color harmony, full head of hair, detailed eye construction, expressive eyes, photorealistic shading, natural light reflection, anatomically correct ears, detailed neckline, visible clothing textures, 8K ultra resolution, detailed texture, advanced skin rendering, high fidelity colors, natural lighting, subtle shadows, fine hair detail, realistic fabric weave, depth of field, anatomical accuracy, accurate facial features, high dynamic range, nuanced skin tones, balanced saturation, lifelike reflectivity, complex light interplay, ambient occlusion, detailed eyes realism, meticulous makeup, natural contours, precision in jewelry rendering, ambient light adjustment, texture mapping, depth perception, photometric lighting, anatomically correct proportions, sub-surface scattering, soft edge definition, image clarity, accurate shadows, fine detail preservation, natural color calibration, tactile textures, realistic material behavior, gradational toning, delicate skin highlights, sophisticated color correction, real-world light attenuation, precise geometrical detailing, natural skin texture, subtle skin tones, visible skin pores, natural skin glow, even skin coloration, soft complexion, diffused skin reflection, brightly lit eyes, natural eye color, clear eyes, light-reflective eyes, soft shadowing around eyes, striking beauty, captivating eyes, lustrous hair, radiant skin, elegant attire, graceful presence, vibrant complexion, expressive gaze, harmonious features, exquisite makeup, alluring smile, flawless skin tone, artistic lighting, refined elegance, fashionable style, charismatic aura, soft but defined facial contours, subtle yet enhancing makeup, natural but vivid eye color, well-defined but natural eyebrows, gleaming but not overdone highlights on hair, smooth but textured hairstyle, natural-looking eyes, proportionate teeth, rich skin complexion, correct arm placement, natural arm length, clear and focused image, attractive facial features, visible face, clear facial features, attractive look, natural eyes, proportionate teeth, smooth skin texture, correct arm anatomy
Negative prompt:

overly airbrushed, artificial appearance, facial distortion, attire distortion, noise, grain, photographic artifacts, unrealistic proportions, facial asymmetry, dull expression, stray hair, distracting background, unfocused eyes, oversized jewelry, cartoonish jewelry, overexposure, underexposure, overdone makeup, bold eyebrows, artificial eyeshadow, asymmetric eyes, flat hair lighting, stiff hair texture, misplaced ears, incomplete necklace, fake jewelry, two-dimensional clothing, starched clothes, oversized mouth, elongated teeth, unnatural skin tone, uneven complexion, disproportionate facial features, small head size, obscured face, unnatural teeth, exaggerated tooth size, harsh shadows, high contrast, oversaturation, exaggerated features, artificial texture, stark lighting, blown highlights, deep shadows, feature distortion, clothing distortion, disproportion, image noise, graininess, photo artifacts, expressionless, hair out of place, busy background, blurred eyes, overexposed, underexposed, bald head, mannequin-like appearance, featureless face, flat textures, plastic skin, emotionless expression, unrealistic shadows, missing details, over-airbrushed, hard shadows, unnatural gloss, exaggerated saturation, flat textures, oversimplified details, plastic skin, artificial lighting, harsh contrasts, unrealistic proportions, oversharpened features, cartoonish appearance, monochromatic shading, blocked highlights, clipped shadows, distorted anatomy, overprocessed image, synthetic ambiance, exaggerated makeup, glaring colors, simplistic rendering, lack of texture diversity, uniform lighting, color banding, digital noise, artifacting, pixelation, lack of fine detail, overblown exposure, underlit subjects, blur, unnatural skin texture, flat skin tones, blocked pores, unnatural glow, uneven skin coloration, harsh complexion, stark skin reflection, overly dark eyes, unnatural eye color, cloudy eyes, light-absorbing eyes, harsh shadowing around eyes, overexaggerated makeup, harsh shadows, dull expressions, flat lighting, cluttered background, unbalanced features, unnatural skin texture, over-saturation, under-saturation, unnatural eyes, overly long teeth, lack of skin texture, extra limbs, distorted body parts, grainy image, blurry details, unattractive appearance, obscured face, missing facial features, unnatural eyes, exaggerated teeth length, extra limbs, distorted appendages, grainy details, blurry image


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