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oetakulawangsa posted 3 months ago
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In the chilling dystopian cityscape of a Cyberpunk future, a man with a commanding presence, dons an ensemble that seamlessly blends the roles of a priest, librarian, and writer. His figure is obscured by layers of bulky yet futuristic clothes that shield him from the biting cold. The centerpiece of his attire is a high-tech priestly robe, reminiscent of traditional religious garments but adorned with futuristic embellishments. The robe cascades down to his feet, its surface reflecting a subtle sheen. Over this, he wears a cloak with hair, inspired by the avant-garde style of Adrienn Henczné Deáki, which not only adds an element of otherworldliness but also serves as an extra layer of protection against the cold winds that sweep through the neon-lit streets. The cloak is carefully designed with stylized sun tattoos on the right eye, drawing inspiration from the artistry of Olivia de Berardinis. These tattoos glow faintly, adding an ethereal quality to his appearance. His short hair peeks out from under the cloak, hinting at a meticulous grooming routine. Underneath the priestly robe, sports futuristic layered clothes. Bulky pants made of advanced materials shield him from both the cold and any potential threats lurking in the shadows. His ensemble is completed by a pair of heavy-duty boots that enhance his imposing stature. Despite the cold and the layers of clothes, demeanor exudes wisdom and authority. His pointed white beard adds to the air of experience and sagacity. In the midst of this Cyberpunk city, he stands as a unique blend of librarian, writer, and priest, a figure shaped by the influences of the past and the visions of the future.

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