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Atheist posted 8 months ago
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Street Style Cultured Full Body Witch

(masterpiece) , best quality, perfect face, expressive eyes, (((a pretty young Asian girl wearing a witch hat and cutoff long sleeve with baggy paint-covered cargo pants and knee pads spray-painting graffiti urban art on a wall in the big city) )), (amused expression) , ((holding a spray-paint can in her hand to paint the wall) ), (((attractive young woman with purple hair and Asian facial features) )), (((brown eyes) )), ((urban street art graffiti covering the whole wall) ), ((her clothing is spattered with brightly colored paint drops) ), ((painting the wall) ), ((the graffiti on the wall is glowing with magical energy) ), (bare midriff) , (athletic lithe figure) , beautiful face, (black worn combat boots) BEAK he is above water, a magical image, a dream atmosphere, roses fill the scenery, the beauty of nature BREAK (wide portrait) , (great verticality) , cinematic, symmetrical, 4k, professional image, digital artwork, award winner, breath taking view, harmonic colors, great composition, no_humans
Negative prompt:

easynegative, bad-artist, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, negative_hand-neg


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