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IceB posted about 1 month ago
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Vibrant and dynamic illustrations and vectors, a picturesque 1lighthouse standing tall on a small island, detailed waves crashing on the shore, night, starry sky, shooting star, vibrant colors, dynamic composition, digital painting, Studio Ghibli-inspired, cozy lighting, whimsical atmosphere, by Junji Ito and Hayao Miyazaki, artstation trending, 4k resolution. Masterpiece.
Negative prompt:

NSFW, (margin) , (reference inset) , (error) , ((text) ), ((signature) ), ((watermark) ), ((logo) ), (username) , (name) , (artist name) , ((word) ), ((words) ), (letters) , (digit) , (autograph) , censored, (web address) , (qr code) , (barcode) , (crooked fingers) , (cut fingers) , (extra fingers) , (missing fingers) , deformed, (bad quality) , unrealistic, unnatural, ugly, undetailed


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