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arthurlr posted 11 months ago
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(((photo of a nordic female beautiful fairy, sitting on a log tree, looking at camera, focus os the eyes, hyper detailed skin texture, dreamy fantasy atmosphere with volumetric fog, perfect body, cute face, wearing a long teal silky robe with cleavage) )), near a big tree, inside a jungle environment, surrounded by large trees, lighting coming thru the foliage, (((8k, masterpiece, ultra definition, high quality, mega detailed, photorealistic, realistic, realistic textures, god rays, detailed skin, dark curly long black and red hair, intricate, complex background) )), elements of RPG and movie like scene, inspired on japanese folklore and fairy tales, brothers grimm, game of thrones atmosphere by playboy and mortal kombat
Negative prompt:

(((3d, render, 3d render, paint, smooth, cgi) )), 2d, cartoon, cloned face, doll, drawn, error, extra fingers, fake, gross proportions, JPEG artifacts, low quality, malformed, missing fingers, mutated hands, out of frame, rubber, signature, sketch, text, username, watermark, worst quality, bad anatomy, bad hands, malformed limbs, fused fingers


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