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AirtiArty posted 3 months ago
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A close up portrait of an inspired female cyberpunk biohacker working at her desk, artgerm, volumetric atmosphere, best quality, sharp focus, cgsociety, beautiful face, pretty hands, highres, vibrant, neon, borderlands, intricate, insanely detailed, breathtaking, precise lineart, comprehensive cinematic, max detail, 4k uhd, digital art, keyvisual, adward winning, trending on artstation, pretty female eyes

Negative prompt: lowres| text| error| missing fingers| extra digit| fewer digits| cropped| (worst quality| low quality:1.4)| jpeg artifacts| signature| bad anatomy| extra legs| extra arms| extra fingers| poorly drawn hands| poorly drawn feet| disfigured| out of frame| tiling| bad art| deformed| mutated| blurry| fuzzy| misshaped| mutant| gross| disgusting| watermark| watermarks, text, watermark, artist name, weapon, holding weapon, no sunglasses, text, watermark, artist name, copyright name, name


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