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Atheist posted about 1 month ago
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Coloring Book V3

a close-up HIGHLY REALISTIC illustration of a ridiculously intricate beautiful COLORFUL COLORING BOOK with an amazing natural photographic landscape of mountains and waterfalls with flowers painted in color adorned onto the book cover, many carving patterned effects, Extremely hyperdetailed and intricate details, in the background is a waterfall mountain-landscape surreal 8k sharp focus surrounding quality view

Negative prompt: 2D || Low Quality || text logos || watermarks || signatures || out of frame || jpeg artifacts || ugly || poorly drawn || extra limbs || extra hands || extra feet || backwards limbs || extra fingers || extra toes || unrealistic, incorrect, bad anatomy || cut off body pieces || strange body positions || impossible body positioning || Mismatched eyes || cross eyed || crooked face || crooked lips || unclear || undefined || mutations || deformities || off center || poor_composition || duplicate faces


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