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iiibax posted 2 months ago
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[hdr, film ] , lifelike textures, abstract expressionist painting of (dull outdoor forest, photo of a knight with no face, wearing opened helmet no face helmet, dull and haunted , by alessio albi Dark Photo of creepy Vintage black Knight, very detailed, atmospheric haze, Film grain, cinematic film still, shallow depth of field, highly detailed, high budget, cinemascope, moody, epic, OverallDetail, gorgeous, 2000s vintage RAW photo,by Norman Ackroyd ,colored_film_photography,depth of field,detailed ,a photo of gorgeous by Ernesto Neto, by Karl Blossfeldt,medieval style knight Alexander Mcqueen & Jeremy Scott 1970, Beksinski, closed helmet, hidden face) , incredible abstract art by sam spratt, (soggy, masaccio, monochromatic realism , energetic brushwork, bold colors, [abstract forms, expressive, emotional] :1)
Negative prompt:

knight, ( realism,photorealistic, low contrast, plain, simple, monochrome:1)


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