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JonFromMech posted 10 months ago
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close-up portrait of a girl in a high school uniform with short white hair, Realistic digital art, (highly-detailed:1. 2), (ultra-realistic), (photo-realistic), (ultra-high resolution), (ultra-quality), (4k), (masterpiece), (intricate details), (exquisite textures), (front lighting), (Sony Alpha A7r V), (70-200mm GM f/1. 4 lens), (professional lighting), (denoising:0. 6), (key light), (fill light), (ambient light), (back light), (background light), (rainbow-colored hair), (high school uniform), (natural pose), (bright eyes), (soft smile), (slight blush), (subtle shading), (pleasant background), (school hallway), (realistic skin:1. 1), (CG artwork), (white hair strands), (delicate lines), (high-quality brushwork), <lora:arcaneStyleLora_offset:0. 7> , <lora:samYangOffsetRight. dGCf:0. 7>

Negative prompt: (semi-realistic), (cgi), (3d), (render), (sketch), (cartoon), (drawing), (anime), (text), (close up), (cropped), (out of frame), (worst quality), (low quality), (jpeg artifacts), (ugly), (duplicate), (morbid), (mutilated), (extra fingers), (mutated hands), (poorly drawn hands), (poorly drawn face), (mutation), (deformed), (blurry), (bad anatomy), (bad proportions), (extra limbs), (cloned face), (disfigured), (gross proportions), (malformed limbs), (missing arms), (missing legs), (extra arms), (extra legs), (fused fingers), (too many fingers), (long neck)


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