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BADBOY posted 9 months ago
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[three-quarter close-up::12] , [gorgeous face, long blond wavy hair, (pale skin:1. 2) , pastel lighting, mysterious smile, ((looking at the camera) ), bright and piercing eyes:9], gorgeous young cyborg girl ((anatomical:0. 7) (cybernated (arms:1. 1) in Deus Ex Mankind Divided style:0. 9)) and (trim and athletic:0. 8) , (glossy [with rolled up sleeves] blown jacket in fashion magazine style, clothing jacket, night city), (Dylan Kowalski:1. 3) , inside a slum alley with (neon signs:0. 6) , (dramatic neon lighting:0. 9) , natural glossy, [stunning high-activity unity render::30] Maximally natural hair [superdetail, ((professional photography, hyperphotorealistic, cinematic, natural reflection textures, natural materials, high-contrast shadows, cinematic lighting, soft lighting) ):20], (neon lighting:0. 8) , 150mm, ISO 100
Negative prompt:

(nsfw:1.2) , (low quality:1.4) , (worstquality:1.4) , (extra fingers, deformed hands, polydactyl:1.4) , (bad anatomy:1.4)


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