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derra posted 12 months ago
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mistary atmosphere, middle snowy plain, buried a quarter in the sand, blurred background, behind snowy mountains, style Midjourney , 8 k ultra realistic, lens flare, atmosphere, glow, detailed, intricate, full of colour, cinematic lighting, trending on artstation, 4 k, hyperrealistic, focused, extreme details, unreal engine 5, cinematic, masterpiece, trending on artstation, 8k, masterpiece, graffiti paint, fine detail, full of color, intricate detail, golden ratio illustration, real, professional, 8k, soft natural lighting, portrait photography, magic photography, dramatic lighting, photorealism, excessive detailing, intricate, hyper detailed, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, ray tracing, hyper details, volumetric lighting, cinematic lights, photo bashing , epic cinematic, octane render , extremely high detail, post processing, 8K wallpaper, Film Grain, 3d, denoise, redshift style, phoshoot, depth of field, f/1. 8, 85mm, medium shot, mid shot, (centered image composition), (professionally color graded), ((bright soft diffused light)), volumetric fog, trending on instagram, trending on tumblr, hdr 4k, 8k, highly detailed, illustration, digital art, digital painting, depth of field, contrast, detailed, atmospheric, epic, concept art, Matte painting, background, mist, photo-realistic, concept art, volumetric light, cinematic epic rule of thirds octane render, 8k, corona render, movie concept art, octane render, cinematic, trending on artstation, movie concept art, cinematic composition , ultra-detailed, realistic , hyper-realistic , volumetric lighting, 8k --ar 2:3 --test --uplight

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