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MrHuisClos21 posted 2 months ago
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It Starts With A Laugh

(masterpiece, best quality, photo-realistic:1.4) , (close-up portrait:1.2) of Joker, (green hair:1.2) , (white face paint:1.2) , (red lips:1.1) , (haunting smile:1.2) , (intense eyes:1.2) , (purple suit:1.1) , (dark background:1.2) , (sinister expression:1.2) , (crazy laughter:1.2) , (smudged makeup:1.1) , (menacing gaze:1.2) , (wild card:1.2) , (chaotic energy:1.1) , (vibrant colors:1.2) , (detailed features:1.2) , (captivating character:1.1) , (masterpiece:1.2) , (high resolution:1.2) , (intricate artwork:1.2) , (emotionally charged:1.2) , (dynamic lighting:1.2) , (shadows and highlights:1.1)
Negative prompt:

bad anatomy, bad hands, three hands, three legs, bad arms, missing legs, missing arms, poorly drawn face, bad face, fused face, cloned face, worst face, three crus, extra crus, fused crus, worst feet, three feet, fused feet, fused thigh, three thigh, fused thigh, extra thigh, worst thigh, missing fingers, extra fingers, ugly fingers, long fingers, horn, extra eyes, huge eyes, 2girl, amputation, disconnected limbs, cartoon, cg, 3d, unreal, animate


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