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JonFromMech posted 11 months ago
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Close-up shot, smiling pose, soft natural lighting, young, beautiful South-Korean woman in a wedding dress with medium-length hair (2. 2), (stunning, gorgeous, radiant), (flawless skin, glowing complexion), (elegant and modern dress), (subtle and natural makeup), (high-quality, 4K resolution, HDR), (crisp and clear), (professional wedding photography), (popular on Instagram, Pinterest), (by Lee Sangho, Kim Sooyoung, Jung Hyejin), (with a happy expression:1. 1), (in a romantic and dreamy setting, with flowers and candles), (romantic and joyful:1. 1), (confident and beautiful expression:1. 1).

Negative prompt: Full-body sketch of a distorted figure in a twisted pose, (dark and cold light), low quality, blurry, monochrome, (off-center composition), (poorly color graded), unrealistic, grotesque, (trending on DeviantArt for worst artwork), low-res, bad anatomy, bad proportions, asymmetrical limbs, deformed, extra limbs, missing limbs, malformed, mangled hands, tentacle fingers, too many fingers, too many limbs, fused fingers, watermark, logo, text, letters, signature, username, words


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