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hawkbs posted 5 months ago
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Water Magic Lora is here https://civitai.com/models/83586/v3?modelVersionId=121288

Model used is XSMLoraGirl_fp32V10

Masterpiece, Ultrarealistic, High Definition, wide angle, (Alchemy of Souls kdrama):1. 5, (Nak-su, Go Yoon Jung):1. 5, (right hand holding a japanese katana:1. 5), magician, rising water spouts, Jipsu:1. 5, Ryusu:1. 5, Chisu:1. 5, Hwansu:1. 5, blue sky, outdoors, cloud, (outstreched arms:1. 5), looking at viewer, day, (controlling water:1. 5), ponytail, rock, mountain, splashing, ocean, bad attitude:1. 5 , (perky medium breasts:), toned body, symmetrical eyes, (beautifully detailed body, face, eyes), (slim body), (slender body), (best hair:1), black hair, messy hair, long hair blowing in the wind, (detailed facial features), perfect face, soft face, (ulzzang-6500:1 2)mix4, Brunette, detailed clothes, best makeup, smokey eye shadow, detailed mouth, detailed lips, detailed teeth, evil grin, high detail skin, tight skin, high detail eyes, high detail hair, Cinematic lighting, epic lighting, <lora:magician_beta_1:0. 4> <lora:Water Magic V3:0. 5>

Negative prompt: bad_prompt_version2-neg, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, (bad-hands-5:1.5) (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, bad anatomy, normal quality, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), worstquality, watermark, bad proportions, out of focus, long neck, deformed, mutated, mutation, disfigured, poorly drawn face, skin blemishes, skin spots, acnes, missing limb, malformed limbs, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, extra limb, extra arms, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, malformed hands, mutated hands and fingers, extra hands, bad hands, missing fingers, fused fingers, too many fingers, extra legs, bad feet, cross-eyed, BadNegAnatomyV1-neg, EasyNegative, FastNegativeV2, (distorted, :1.3), (:1.4), low quality, camera, more than one katana, extra sword,


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