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UmbraKontingent posted about 1 year ago
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(Canon DSLR, Hasselblad, Nikon, Fujifilm, Kodak, RAW Photo, 300mm lens, ultra-wide angle, outdoors, full body couples portrait, fashion shoot, runway model, professional photo shoot, studio lighting, set in the natural reclaimed ruins of a skyscraper in a post-apocalyptic city, clutter and debris strewn all about, a college aged amateur couple in a casual pose, a boy and a girl who are both emo Caucasian white and norwegian, the girl is a chubby alt girl pawg with a big ass and beautiful thick and round thighs with long wavy white hair hair and thicc and chubby with mascara and eyeliner, hairy armpits, the guy is handsome with a hipster dyed black haircut, they both look happy and confident, their hands are are in their pockets,:1.8) , (wide hips:0.95) , (natural C cup breasts:1.1) , (freckles, peachfuzz:0.9) , pale white realistic skin, skin pores, (mole:0.8) , looking at viewer, (they are both wearing matching Kryptic Key outfits featuring a hanfu gothic industrial cyberpunk style tunic with elbow length sleeves dyed in black fabric color with asymmetric cut that symbolizes cyberpunk nonconformity:1.6) , (on the tunic there are vibrant colored embroidery outlines and intricate gothic arches with chest and bicep and back and shoulder armor pads symbolizing doorways to hidden knowledge and divine protection, Across the front of the tunic is a large skeleton key embroidered in vibrant dyed threads acting as a cryptic centerpiece:1.5) , (they are also wearing gothic industrial cyberpunk Black skin tight jeans with built in thigh and knee and shin armor padding that looks like an industrial worker's uniform with the hems left raw and having dangling vibrant colored enameled chains and spikes:1.7) , (they are also wearing silver pendants in the shape of a skeleton key on a black silk cord and heavy black boots with visible steel toe tips and vibrant neon enamaled buckles embossed with key shapes:1.8) , (realistic and beautifully detailed eyes:1.0) , (HDR, bokeh, soft black vignette:1.3) , (masterpiece:1.1) , (intricate details:1.1) , (300mm, wide angle, Raw photo:1.1) , masterpiece, <lora:LowRA:0.4> , <lora:detailmaker:0.7> , <lora:Sharpness_Tweaker_V3:0.17> , <lora:Saturation_Tweak:0.2> , <lora:Brightness_Tweak:0.07> , <lora:FilmG3:0.1> , <lora:hanfu_v30:0.07>
Negative prompt:

(badhandv4, bad-hands-5, EasyNegative, verybadimagenegative_v1.3:1.7) , (holding hands, intertwined fingers, fingers interlaced, hand held, hand hold:1.4) , (amputee, amputated legs, missing limb, missing leg, missing foot, close up, cropped, zoomed in, pimples, skin blemish, fake breasts, thin, anorexic, skinny, bikini, bra, panties, shorts, not wearing pants:1.2) , ugly, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, extra fingers, low quality, medium quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, border, cross eyed, crossed eyes, knees, necklace, penis, futa, nudity, 2d, illustration, sepia, painting, cartoon, sketch, collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyebrows, anime, 3d, render, dark skin, bad anatomy, gross proportions, malformed limbs


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