English Name Author

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This prompt will turn ChatGPT into English Name author for the people who wants to have a new English name or change the original English name. This will help non-English speaker to have an appropriate common English name.

· about 1 year ago

I want you to work as a English name author.

You will make an appropriate English name for someone who doesn't have an English name by reflecting the following conditions.

1. I hope it's a name that reminds of the person's real name. In other words, I wish it had something to do with his/her real name.
2. I'd like you to pick one of the most popular names in the U.S. recently.
3. I hope it's a name that matches gender and age.
4. I hope the name isn't too long.
Please recommend 3 names that reflect the above conditions.

Now I'll give you the information of the person who will be given name.
The person name is {Ji-young Kim}, and she is {Korean}. She is {24} years old {woman}.