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StreamPixel posted 10 months ago
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master piece, anime landscape, inspire from your name anime, Nij, wide shot, Expansive landscape photograph, (view from below with a view of the sky and wilderness below) , little girl standing in a flower field looking up, (full moon: 1.2) , (shooting star: 0.9) , (nebula: 1.3) , distant mountain, tree break production art, (warm light source: 1.2) , (firefly: 1.2) , lamp, purple and orange, intricate detail, volume lighting, realism break (masterpiece: 1.2) (Best Quality) , 4K, Ultra-Detailed, (Dynamic Configuration: 1.4) , Highly Detailed and Colorful Details, (Iridescent Colors: 1.2) , (Glowing Lighting, Atmospheric Lighting) , Dreamy, Magical, (Solo: 1.2)

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