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29 days ago

triadic colors, head and shoulders, solo, realistic, photorealistic, best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, finely detailed, quality, realistic lighting, detailed skin, intricate details, raw photo, absurdres, highres, ultra detailed scarlem a tree of magical crystals <lora:scarlem:1>, an intricate surreal fractal, BREAK gorgeous makeup, stunning beauty, detailed skin, skin texture, skin pores, (freckles:1.15) BREAK (reflection, refraction, Rembrandt lighting, diffuse lighting, radiosity, photon mapping, subsurface scattering, atmospheric lighting, dynamic lighting, Multi-exposure HDR capture, Screen Space Global Illumination, Ray Tracing, Lumen Reflections, Tone Mapping, volumetric lighting, Circular polarizer, broad lighting, dramatic lighting, moody lighting:1.3), (explosive light and shadow, lens flare, light particle, lens glare, light particles, Luminescent Particles, floating particles, particles:1.2), (depth of field, blurry foreground, sharp focus, perspective, aerial perspective, film grain, film:1.4), (colorful refraction, iridescent colors, Iridescence:1.1), (dark studio, rim lighting, two tone lighting, dimly lit, low key, rim light, dark theme), watercolor style, soft blending, dreamy washes, delicate textures, brilliant colors, action painting, gestural marks, dynamic brushwork, expressive motion, spontaneous technique, abstract expressionism, energetic compositions, action pose, vibrant glow, dynamic colors, reflective surfaces, Overdetailed art, Water color painting, (atmosphere, Cosy, Peaceful, Hopeful:1.1), (Glowing ambiance, enchanting radiance, luminous lighting, ethereal atmosphere, mesmerizing glow, evocative hues, captivating coloration, enchanting aura, melanchonic soft light:1.1), official art, beautiful and aesthetic, beautiful, (zentangle, mandala, tangle, entangle), (ecstasy of flower:1.1), the most beautiful form of chaos, elegant, a brutalist designed, vivid colours, romanticism, atmospheric, warm tone, soft light, (fractal art) BREAK delicate, Ultrarealistic, drawing, Detailed illustration, extremely detailed CG Unity 8k wallpaper, cinematic, dramatic, PBR Texturing, huge filesize, 8k uhd, octane render, unreal engine 5

29 days ago

(in the style of Victoria Frances):1. 5, Masterpiece:1 2, (Photorealistic:1 37), Full Shot, A young pale skinned vampire in a (cemetary| graveyard| crypt):1. 5, on a (cold, dark, foggy night):1. 8, bears her (bloodstained fangs) as she beckons the viewer over, 26 years old, slender_waist, bloodlust, dripping blood, slender body, toned body, perfect face, (highly detailed eyes), (highly detailed facial features), seductive eyes, slim athletic body, (perky small breasts:1. 5), Korean:1. 5, (Celtic:Romanian:0. 6), (gypsy:0. 3, vampire: 0. 3, witch:0. 4), seductress, Erinyes, assassin, samurai, a gorgeous female asian ninja, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, long_eyelashes, light_blush, nail_art, (best makeup), (smokey eye shadow), wet skin, sweating, flawless skin, tight skin, porcelain skin, smokey makeup, Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs, (best hair:1), windswept hair. best hair, wild hair, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, high detail hair, long wavy hair, wild dark hair, Gothic lace dress, print_kimono, print_cheongsam, gothic clothes, robe, (detailed clothes features), detailed clothing, intricate clothing, katana, midriff, incredibly naughty_face, smirk, seductive_smile, seductive grin, stare, lonely, sad, crying, tears, despair, drunk, staggering, seductive erotic pose, (open mouth:1), (fangs:1), random pose, motion, boho, fantasy, bokeh, moody, dark, epic, night lighting, fog, wind, bokeh, natural lighting, volumetric lighting, vignette, neo noir, ominous clouds, (night time:1. 5), (Moonlit night:1. 5), highly detailed RAW color Photo, absurdres, raytracing, studio quality, octane render, 8k, using a Leica DSLR 17mm, FOV 120 degrees, shallow depth of field, rich colors, lifelike texture, film grain, grainy, (hyperrealism:1 5)