Disco Elysium style

Disco Elysium
about 1 year ago

Trained on vanilla SD1.5 but works better with art-focused checkpoints like Elldreth's and others from this website. Training dataset contained game portraits, key art, and some cherrypicked fanart.

How to consistently get very stylized results:

  • Use Elldreth's lucid mix

  • Use "[{subject}:abstract background:0.5], expressionism, digital art, colorful background" prompt, replace {subject} with anything

  • Parameters: 20 steps, CFG=2, DPM++ 2M Karras sampler

  • Some usual negative prompts

See my comment below for examples of this method

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2k 400


Base model: SD 1.5

Version Disco Elysium: 1 File

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