Sakura Chiyono O (umamusume)

about 1 year ago

LoCon and LoRA and of Sakura Chiyono O (umamusume)

First one is LoCon ver. Second one is LoRA ver.


  1. If you use LoCon version, please install extension on WebUI.

  2. LoCon version has a twice size as lager than LoRA version.

  3. I experiment on LoCon what parameter is optimal.

  4. Preview images has all same settings, only LoCon/LoRA differ.


Maybe later, I will make chiyo with 'Sakura eye' model. maybe not. πŸ€”

Recommend options

  • LoRA weight 0.8~1.0

  • LoCon weight 0.6~0.7

  • Trigger words

    • base

      • sakura chiyono o \(umamusume\)

    • Racing competition clothes :

      • fingerless gloves, black gloves, collarbone, detached sleeves, wide sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, sailor collar, bare shoulders, japanese clothes, pink kimono, sash, obi, ribbon trim, pleated skirt, white skirt, white thighhighs, sandals

      • (optional) cherry blossom

    • Tracen school uniform :

      • white thighhighs, tracen school uniform, purple shirt, pleated skirt, puffy short sleeves, white skirt, puffy sleeves, summer uniform, frilled skirt, sailor collar, sailor shirt, miniskirt, frills

    • Casual clothes :

      • collarbone, alternate costume, pink sweater, long sleeves, white shirt, floral print, casual, pantyhose, shoulder bag, shorts, checkered skirt

    • Summer(SSR support) clothes :

      • swimsuit, navel, bare shoulders, off shoulder, official alternate costume, collarbone, pink bikini, frills, cleavage, off-shoulder bikini, frilled bikini, bridal garter, wrist scrunchie

      • (optional) holding water gun, water gun,

Use animefull based model

  • Settings

    • Stable Diffusion WebUI by Automatic1111

    • DPM++ Series(SDE Karras, 2M Karras, etc.)

    • about 20 steps, CFG scale 3.5~6.5

    • kl-f8-anime2.vae

    • CLIP skip = 1

    • Use highres. fix to get higher quality image

      • Upscaler : Latent series

      • Denoising strength 0.50~0.65

LoRA training info

  • trained on sd-scripts by kohya_ss. Thank you a lot!

  • based on Animefull-pruned

  • 115 images of Sakura Chiyono O

    • 4x low quality 48 images

    • 8x medium quality 36 images

    • 16x high quality 47 images

    • => 1 epoch = 1232 images

  • replaced character feature tags with sakura chiyono o \(umamusume\)

    • horse girl, horse tail, pink hair, blue eyes, etc.

  • resolution : 768x768

  • rank=alpha=16 (LoRA, LoCon)

  • conv_rank=conv_alpha=16 (LoCon)

  • batch size = 4

  • other training settings is included in

This LoRA may be compatible with animefull-based models (ex. AbyssOrangeMix Series...)

This LoRA can generate nsfw images of sakura chiyono o.

All uploaded images are generated by AOM3A1

Download (36.4 MB) Download available on desktop only


2k 270


Base model: SD 1.5

Version LoRA_V1: 2 Files

To download these files, please visit this page from a desktop computer.

About this version: LoRA_V1

LoRA version

2 Versions

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