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Upwork is hiring a Expert Clothing Mockup Curator: AI Tech for Hyper-Realistic Mockups & Engaging Banner Graphics - Contract to Hire

Expert Clothing Mockup Curator: AI Tech for Hyper-Realistic Mockups & Engaging Banner Graphics - Contract to Hire

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $17k/yr - $31k/yr
2 months ago

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We are seeking a highly skilled Clothing Mockup Curator with expertise in utilizing AI technology to accelerate the creation of hyper-realistic clothing mockups. We need articles of clothing applied to models in such a way that the body’s curves, depth, and texture are visibly evident, creating a life-like and immersive visual experience.

In addition, we are looking for someone who can design captivating banner-style graphics showcasing an array of our product variants. The graphics should be compelling enough to grab attention, incorporating hooks and CTAs to encourage users to stop scrolling and explore our products.

Key Responsibilities:

Create Hyper-Realistic Mockups: Use AI technology to generate photo-realistic mockups of clothing on models, ensuring the natural curves, texture, and depth of the fabric are visibly evident.

Design Banner Style Graphics: Develop engaging banner graphics featuring a variety of our products, each designed to capture attention and encourage click-throughs with effective hooks and CTAs.

Time Efficiency: Leverage advanced AI tools and techniques to streamline the mockup curation process, ensuring speedy delivery without compromising on quality.

Brand Consistency: Maintain brand consistency across all visuals, ensuring alignment with our brand identity, aesthetics, and messaging.

Feedback & Revisions: Be open to feedback and able to make revisions as needed to meet project goals and expectations.


Proven Experience: Strong portfolio demonstrating your experience in creating hyper-realistic clothing mockups and engaging banner graphics.

Expertise in AI Technology: Proficiency in using AI technology for designing and curating mockups, with a focus on efficiency and realism.

Attention to Detail: Exceptional eye for detail, ensuring each mockup and graphic accurately represents the texture, depth, and overall look of the products.

Creative Thinking: Ability to conceptualize and design graphics that are visually appealing, with effective hooks and CTAs to drive user engagement.

Time Management: Demonstrated ability to manage timelines efficiently and deliver high-quality work within stipulated deadlines.

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills for understanding project requirements and providing progress updates.

To Apply:

Portfolio Submission: Share examples from your portfolio, particularly showcasing hyper-realistic clothing mockups and banner graphics with effective hooks and CTAs.

AI Technology Usage: Briefly explain the AI tools and technologies you use to create mockups and how they help in speeding up the delivery time.

Availability & Turnaround Time: Indicate your availability and provide an estimated turnaround time for creating a set of clothing mockups and banner graphics.

Pricing Details: Share your pricing structure or give a rough estimate for the described project.

We are eager to find the perfect candidate who can bring our vision to life through their expert curation and design skills. Looking forward to your applications and seeing your amazing portfolios!

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