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Upwork is hiring a Data Engineer / Tech Lead

Data Engineer / Tech Lead

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $83k/yr - $210k/yr
2 months ago

Are you interested in working remotely for a fun & talented team? Then maybe you can come work for us!

Who are we? We’re a venture studio with an expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce…and we're growing quickly. We're looking for someone who, above all, can be proactive when it comes to software development, as we have a very fast-moving business. This involves being assertive, persistent, asking questions, and staying on-top of dev projects across our brands.

Your day-to-day would include staying on top of tracking, attribution, and data privacy, deploying new landing pages, performing data analysis, building visual dashboards for our media buyers, performing software integrations, and managing dev projects as a whole. This role may grow into a larger full-time role, or potentially a technical co-founder on new software projects, etc.

Day to Day tasks include:

- Deploying new landing pages

- Implementing ad tracking and attribution solutions

- Building visual dashboards to track core metrics, like lead costs, acquisition costs, etc.

- Researching and implementing new software solutions

- Managing any other tech / dev projects

The ideal candidate will have:

- Advanced knowledge of ad attribution (Meta and Google ads primarily)

- Full stack capable

- Data science skills - Python, Pandas, and Jupyter, etc. for breaking down datasets

- Experience in e-commerce / lead gen / Shopify is a plus

- Strong attention to detail

- Great communication skills

- Extremely FAST: can turnaround things quickly without perfection

- Highly curious about new technologies, tools, and ways to improve

- Ability to work independently

if you're interested, please respond with "eCom Tech Lead" in the first line. Thank you for your time!

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.