Upwork is hiring a AI Developer for Advanced Adult Content Generation Project - Contract to Hire

AI Developer for Advanced Adult Content Generation Project - Contract to Hire

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4 months ago

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Project Overview:

We are seeking a skilled AI Developer to embark on a project focused on creating an advanced AI for adult content generation. This project involves developing an AI that can precisely replicate an adult performer's likeness in diverse scenes and settings.

Key Responsibilities:

Base AI Creation:

- Develop a base AI that accurately replicates an adult performer's likeness.

- Utilize provided examples and specifications to create the base AI.

- Deliver a fully functional base AI adaptable to various scenarios.

Scene Adaptation and Content Creation:

- Enable the base AI to adapt to different scenes as outlined in the provided content plan.

- Interpret content plans, including scene descriptions and requirements.

User Interaction System:

- Develop a user-friendly system for our team to interact with the AI for content creation.

- Implement interface and functionality requirements for effective interaction with the AI.

- Create a functional and intuitive system for content generation and delivery.

Quality Assurance and Testing:

- Conduct comprehensive testing of the AI and the interaction system.

- Adhere to testing protocols ensuring accuracy, consistency, and usability.

- Provide a reliable and error-free AI and user interaction system.


- An operational base AI.

- A system for adapting the AI to various scenes.

- A user interface for content creation and export.

- Complete testing reports and final approval of the AI and systems.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

- Proven experience in AI, machine learning, particularly in AI development for adult content.

- Proficiency in programming languages relevant to AI and machine learning.

- Experience in user interface design and development.

- Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

- Strong communication skills and collaborative work ethic.

Application Process:

Please use the word ADULT so I know you read the description

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