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Upwork is hiring a Web Data Extraction Specialist

Web Data Extraction Specialist

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $31k/yr - $83k/yr
3 months ago

3 applicants

We are looking for Web Data Extraction Specialist who can help us with:

Gather and process both structured and unstructured data from external and internal sources and organize it for analysis

Develop tools and infrastructure to automate extraction of publicly available information

Gather and process raw data at scale (develop scripts, APIs with appropriate SQL queries)

Process unstructured data into a form usable for analysis.

The required skills:

Experience with SQL development and data modelling

Knowledge in data mining; proficiency in any scripting language that can be used for data harvesting

As team is based in the US, we would required to work partially in EST business hours.

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.