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Upwork is hiring a Midjourney/stablediff process: watercolor stepped guide

Midjourney/stablediff process: watercolor stepped guide

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3 months ago

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To create a framework/process for creating watercolor tulip in 4 steps. including image promt for either Midjourney or Stablediffusion.

I want to create a a 4-stepped guide in how you create: Watercolor tulip

the different steps should represent initial sketch, base layering, deeper richer color and some more details to the bigger shapes (as you'd apply them when doing regular watercolor) and lastly all final details and the finished painting.

ie. 4 images having the same "pose" just in different timeline as you'd capture them if you're paining a tulip yourself.

Attached image shows a reference of a 4-stepped process for drawing. so not same, but similar to watercolor. And it should be painting focused, and colored. (happy to assist more with the details of the process)

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