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Upwork is hiring a Machine Learning Pipeline Developer - Contract to Hire

Machine Learning Pipeline Developer - Contract to Hire

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $35k/yr - $160k/yr
2 months ago

We are seeking a skilled Machine Learning Pipeline Developer to help us maintain and continue building our existing ML pipeline. The ideal candidate will have expertise in utilizing Databricks, GCP, Python, computer vision, and segmentation techniques. This individual will play a crucial role in developing and implementing efficient and scalable ML pipelines to process and analyze large datasets and setting up annotation platforms for our employees to manually annotate datasets for continual retraining and model fine-tuning. Responsibilities will include data preprocessing, feature engineering, modeling, and evaluation of ML models. The successful candidate should have a strong understanding of ML algorithms and the ability to optimize and fine-tune models. Excellent programming and problem-solving skills are required.

Job is closed

This job is already closed and no longer accepting applicants, sorry.