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Upwork is hiring a Llama2 Phone Call Summary Notes Generation

Llama2 Phone Call Summary Notes Generation

Upwork  ·  US  ·  $19k/yr - $210k/yr
about 2 months ago

34 applicants

We are searching for a skilled freelancer to assist us in improving the reliability of our llama2 software in generating phone call summary notes. The ideal candidate should have a strong familiarity with llama2, hugging-face, and possess excellent AI prompting skills. The main tasks for this project will include troubleshooting issues with the current system, implementing necessary improvements, and ensuring that the software consistently generates accurate and high-quality summary notes. This position calls for someone who can work independently and has a keen attention to detail. Key skills include:

- Llama2 familiarity

- Hugging-face

- AI prompting

- AI fine-tuning

Current challenge is that we get good results with GPT3.5 but we want to venture the options of using LLAMA2 but from our trials we're sometimes hitting a token limit issue (which is not fundamental because our current prompt might be unnecessarily long) and the reliability is not as good as with ChatGPT but we suspect that this might be related to our prompt being more tuned for ChatGPT.

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