8 months ago

full body, close-up of the whole full body, whole full body, Wide field of view Long shot Full-length body from head to toes of the whole figure of a young 30-year-old bearded man in his mid-twenties who stands tall at 6'2" with a lean, athletic build, full body in leather outfits, leather gloves, leather jacket, leather jeans, tall leather boots, He has chiseled features with piercing blue eyes and thick, dark hair that falls in effortless waves, He carries himself with confidence and grace, making him instantly likable and approachable, a confident and charismatic man in his early thirties. He has a tall and muscular build, with chiseled features and piercing green eyes that seem to look right through you, He exudes power and authority, commanding attention wherever he goes, a natural-born leader, with a strong sense of purpose and direction in life, He is highly driven and ambitious, always striving to be the best at everything he does, He is fearless and unafraid to take risks, with a competitive spirit that pushes him to excel in all aspects of his life, highly intelligent and strategic, He has a keen mind for business and is a master of negotiation, with the ability to read people and situations with ease. He is not afraid to take charge and make tough decisions, but he also knows when to step back and let others take the lead, fiercely loyal and protective of those he cares about, He is a passionate lover and an attentive partner, always making sure that his significant other feels loved and appreciated, He is also highly respected by his friends and colleagues, who look up to him as a role model and mentor, a complex and multi-dimensional character who embodies some of the traits associated with the alpha male archetype, However, he is not defined solely by his dominant personality and possesses a range of other qualities that make him a well-rounded and interesting character, very detailed handsome face, shiny hair, glossy hair, perfect sexy shine full leather gloves, full leather pants, very ultrarealistic detailed, black leather nails, top of fingers in full leather gloves